Since I have done a lot of lurking here I felt it was only appropriate to actually introduce myself to you wonderful folks. I turned 40 in June and have come to the realization that although I may be good at IT and computers, its not REALLY what I want to do. I completed my Bachelor degree this year and started on my Masters in Computer Science. As I progress through these courses I have been questioning what it is that I really want to do.
I have been providing prehospital emergency care since 1985 as a volunteer with 5.5 of those years as the paid Chief. I resigned my position as Chief so I could return to providing patient care as that is what I truly enjoyed. I never really considered medical school as I didn’t think I had the ‘right stuff’.
Something snapped this summer and I knew I needed to return to medicine full-time in one form or another. I started researching nursing programs and evetually migrated back to my old dream. Finding this web site and reading what all of you have gone through - same worries, concerns, issues, etc… I have come to realize that I can really make this happen. The inspiration found here is powerful and moving.
I plan on finishing the current CS course I am in then stopping with my Masters program and taking the pre-reqs that I an lacking (did not need biology/chemistry/physics to be a systems administrator ) and am hoping to take the MCAT in April 07.
My Bachelor IT dgree brings a 3.91 GPA with it, but combined with my GPA from the ‘younger’ years drops my overall GPA to 3.4. By doing the math, if I am successful with my prerequisites I should have no problem getting it over 3.5 but shy of a 3.6. Assuming I do well on my MCAT will this leave me somewhat competitive?
The other thing I am trying to work out are the logistics of keeping food on the table and a roof over the heads of my family while I undertake the med school adventure. My wife will most certainly have her hands full with our babies (one going on two and one due next month ) We are realistic enough to know that we will accrue debt in this endeavor but fulfilling dreams is not always easy or free.

Hi there Tanak, briefly YES you are going to end up with a competitive GPA, I am sure. And the fact that all your recent grades are so good is going to make a good impression.
As for the family, I don’t know exactly how folks do it - but I did have several classmates who were fathers of little ones and whose wives were home with their young families. I do think many of them received some family support but I also know that many of them took out loans, got scholarships, etc. Yeah, there’s debt involved but I can tell you from this side of the fence that it’s worth it to do this - I love my job!