Intro! :)

Ok, so I’ve been reading here for a long while (probably about a year)

I have been putzing around trying to make the right decision for myself.

Numerous things have let up to it (that I won’t go into right now): I want to go to med school and I want to be a doctor.

I’m 28 for a few more weeks, I graduated back in 2003 with a BS in Genetics/Neuroscience. Unfortunately grade-wise is so-so. 3.1 something.

I’ve worked in a couple labs, I recently got back from the Peace Corps, and have been taking classes at the Community College this past semester- as I was unsure what exactly I wanted to do, was not going to invest in the University system. I’ve been doing well, and was asked to be a SI instructor (lead group study sessions) in Micro next semester.

Anyway, now I am looking for the ‘what next’ - i am on the wait list for a Capstone certificate for Global Health at the UW, I have a MCAT book, and I am trying to find a job.

Reading the site I have ideas on what to do, but thought I should at least introduce myself since I made the decision.

Hey Misava… Great to meet you! Sounds like you are working out a plan. Good-luck on your Journey! Thanks for joining us. I was a lurker for a really long time too. Since I decided to actually take the plunge and start classes I have decided to become a bit more active on the board myself. :slight_smile: