Introducing myself

Hello everyone…I just thought I would introduce myself and tell everyone something about myself. First of all, and I realize I’m not alone here, I am a bit old…I just turned 41. I do NOT have an undergraduate degree. I have an Associate Degree in Computer Programming from a technical school…but I also attended two years of college at Georgia Tech where I was so uninterested at the time, that I actually got kicked out twice, hence I can NEVER go back to college there! I also was an art major at Kennesaw State College (now University). I do have alot of hospital experience though…I worked for 3 different hospital’s in the Atlanta area, working as a Pharmacy and then IV technician. I often worked unsupervised in the ICU and OR Pharmacy. I worked as a pharmacy tech for 9 years. I think I must have read every medical text in the hospital at some point or other. Here are my major problems other than age though: I have 9 felony counts against me (6 counts of calling in prescriptions without a license and 3 for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription). I used to have a substance abuse problem with prescription pain killer’s being my doc. I am elligable for expungement next year though. As indicated earlier, I didn’t take my studies very seriously when I was young, hence I have a very low GPA. My GPA at the tech school I went to right before I turned 30 though, was 3.95, indicating that I obviously was taking my studies more seriously…however I do realize it was just a tech school! Anyway…I’ve asked online and in chatrooms, college advisor’s and even the State Medical Board of Georgia about my chances of one day becoming a doctor, and I’ve received every answer from absolutely NOT to IT DEPENDS to YES, if you work hard enough…so I am here for advice about my chances, what I need to do, and generally, just to see what other’s are encountering…if necessary, I am willing to go to a foreign medical school and NOT practice medicine in the U.S. I don’t have a problem with that…I’m not in it for the money…I want to be a Doctor because I want to be a DOCTOR. I do want to help people and I’m aware that there are many other way’s of doing that, but I PERSONALLY WANT TO BECOME A PHYSICIAN PRACTICING MEDICINE SOMEWHERE! Okay, that’s about it for my introduction and I would ask for advice on what I should do as well as where I should look on these forums for helpful information, especially regarding my criminal history. Thank you.

This sounds eerily familiar to… and oc_in…

Thank you for the links…at least I’ve never committed the type of crime that that Krist guy did!

Oh yes…the reason one of those links sounds familiar is because it IS me. I created a different account because I had forgotten what my old logon name was and I’m on a different PC now. So, thank you for helping me find my original post’s on here as well!