Introducing myself

Hello everyone!

I’ve been reading for a while as an anonymous visitor but decided that it’s time to change that. I don’t have any immediate questions so I’ll go with a brief of who I am, where I’m headed and what my plan to get there is.

It all started in 1973, when I was born. Grew up in an Eastern European country, finished high school there. The system is somewhat different in my home country - med school is combined with college, you go there for 6 years right after high school. At that time I was doing quite well with all studies and probably had somewhat reasonable chance to get accepted. But I was also doing quite well with computers and had immediate opportunities to start something well paid in the software business. At that age I did not spend much time thinking about the future or making any complex career choices - I just did what was easiest at the time and went on with the IT job.

That lead to a nice and comfortable life for a few years, a few interesting jobs followed by an offer from a big US software company. It was something that I never planned or even expected that could happen to me. And I gladly accepted. Thus, in December 1999, I arrived in Seattle. While moving between different jobs in the company, I’m still working there. And it’s 10 nice and comfortable years that I don’t regret for a minute.

But during all these years, whenever the subject of medicine came up, I had this nostalgic feeling that it’s something I could have been doing, had I made different choices in the past. And it was not until maybe half a year ago that I realized that it’s not necessary over. That while not as simple as it could have been, becoming a doctor and being able to practice medicine was still not impossible.

So I did a bit of research. I will have to get a bachelor degree and I will have to do all the prerequisite courses. I have not yet decided what my major is going to be. I have some inclination to go for biology, chemistry or something close to that. I have read that med schools have a bit of a preference towards non-sciense degrees but I believe that I can make the case for being a well rounded individual even without getting a degree in unrelated subject.

I am currently applying at University of Washington to start as a full time student in the Fall 2010. I have almost a full year to decide which courses to take, in what order, what major, etc. In the meantime, I started looking for place where to get volunteering experience. Which turned out to be another problem, since there were some issues related to having documented all the necessary vaccines. But that is almost resolved I hope that I’ll be able to start by the end of the year or Jan 2010 at worst.

That’s all I have to share for now. Good luck to all of you and I’ll be back often, as things progress.


Welcome Milski!! I think the right time to pursue medicine is the point at which you’re ready to commit yourself to it completely…good luck!!

Hi Milski,

welocme on board. I’m also from Eastern Europe, and living in Seattle. I was born in 71 and I’m married with 1 child…and of course like many others here I’m thinking of going for med school. However, unlike you I work in the field, I’m a respiratory therapist so I kind of have an idea how health care system works…and what it takes to became a doctor. It’ a long journey that takes a lot of commitment but…" if there is a will then there is a way" Alex

Hi Alex!

It’s great to hear that there’s someone that close in a fairly similar position. Besides being familiar with the healthcare system, you probably will have an easier time with the pre-requisites as well.

Are you already going to school? Or just planning on it?

I forgot to mention it in my initial post, but I’m single. Which has its pros and cons.

And I was not completely correct when I said that I don’t have any questions - I have a few, related to choosing classes and doing some of the advanced placement tests. But all in due time, I’m still working on finishing my admission application - having finished high school in a different country makes getting the required documentation for admission somewhat time consuming.

ehughes - thanks for the welcoming words!


I took some of prerequisites a while back…but I’m planning to go back this winter. I applied to a community college near my house in Edmonds. I’m thinking to take one or two classes this quarter to see how it works. I’ll take “small steps”, one step of the time. Meanwhile I’m exploring the medical schools ( including some in Europe) to have an idea for the future. Alex

Welcome to OPM, Milski. Best wishes.