Introducing myself!

I just turned 60 and my goal is to apply to med school this year.

I’m scheduled to take the MCAT in March, so that is going to be my first hurdle. I’m studying like crazy, so I hope to do reasonably well–whatever that means. My GPA is pretty good: science is about 3.8, overall is 3.5. I’ve been a student off and on for years, so some of the courses are relatively current. I’m taking one biology course this semester and I’ll probably take a couple of courses next fall just to get my head back in the game.

I graduated as a DVM and practiced for about 12 years. Through some bizarre life twists and turns, I somehow ended up as an accountant (CPA), a profession that I find most unrewarding.

It’s interesting: exactly 40 years ago I was told I’d “never get into vet school because I was a girl”; this year I’ve been told I’ll “never get into med school because I’m too old.” What has surprised me the most about all this is just how OVERT the age-related comments have been. No matter how this all turns out, it is going to be an exciting ride!!!

Happy belated birthday and congrats on your decision! Best wishes on the journey!

I admire your zest! Am too is 45 and just started Post Bacc Premed. I’ll be 48 when I apply for Med school. I wanted to know if there are others in the same situation? Do Medical school distinguish between age? I am not even sure if this is the right question to ask. I’ve only been here for several years… perhaps anyone can give me a clue about my chance to getting accepted, given all excellent scores and experiences. Thanks, Delia