Introducing myself

Hello, I am a young 46, have been a RN for 9 years and now with my youngest child reaching 16, I feel like I can finally pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. I just completed my BSN last semester.( I could do this online):slight_smile: I feel like I am completely lost even though I have been reading post after post for several days. What I think that I do know for sure is that I need to focus on my Pre Med Courses now, at a university, and get good grades!! Pretty Good, Huh? You old guys are pretty good teachers. I am a pretty strong person although I am not ready to sit in front of an adviser yet, so I will solicit any and all advise from this forum that you can stand to give me.

Thanks and feel free to pave the road for me.


Welcome Cathi! Check out the entire forum, including the diaries they will get you excited and you will have an idea what you are getting into.