Introduction and Plan Sharing

Hi all,

The past week I’ve been thinking about becoming a doctor (again) and found this wonderful site! I’d like introduce myself, tell you about my plan, and with any luck get some feedback on it.

I majored in statistics but and took all of my pre-med classes. Got an M.S. in biostatistics right after that which I finished in 2008. During that year I applied to several med school but did not get interviews for any of them. 3.5 undergrad, 3.7 grad GPA, good MCAT score, mediocre biology grades (B, B-, C, B).

Started work right after as a statistical programmer for the VA clinical trials program. No patient contact, no publications. Did that for almost two years, now I’m working at a place that trains EMTs, paramedics, and LVNs.

Activities: Rotary, on the board of two non-profits, chair of a city commission, ran for city council (didn’t win), and community emergency response team volunteer and trainer.

My plan:

    -Get a full-time position as an EMT (I have a license)

    -Find a medical office or hospital to shadow/volunteer at

    -Take a year of biology at my CC

    -Possibly take a year of anatomy/physio and/or Spanish at my CC

    -Take the MCAT late 2011/early 2012

    Apply in 2012

If anyone has advice or feedback, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

Hi an welcome to OPM, you are among kindred spirits. If you take a look around the forums you will more than likely see a “been there done that” topic that is related to yours. However to comment there are several things.

  1. I am questioning why you are retaking biology. If you have those grades, be advised that AACOMAS will replace a grade with a better grade and AMCAS will average them together. If those are your grades, I do not foresee any advantage, IMHO.

  2. My advice would be to concentrate on the MCAT if anything else.

  3. Contact a local medical school and see if you can get a meeting with admissions to see what you can do to enhance your application.

    Welcome and good luck.

Thanks for your help. I’m considering taking biology again because it’s always been my weak suit. Taking it again will show that I’ve improved from before (hopefully) help prep me for the MCAT.

I will look into requesting a meeting with my local med school. I should wait until spring after interviews have settled down, right?

Yes, I would wait until spring and interviews have calmed down. That’s what I’ve heard from the admissions people I’ve talked to. You want to be on their good side.

Best wishes to you!