Introduction and question

Hello im new to these boards so i wanted to introduce my self and get some opinions from people who are in the same boat i am.

Im a 25 year old pre med student at CU denver, i have also been a paramedic for 6 years and recently recieved my RRT license, i have been wanting to be a dcotor since i was 12 but decided i needed to get a bunch of expirience to stand out as an applicant. So my question is this i will be applying to med school in 2011 but i also have always wanted to serve in the armed forces. I have been talking to a recruiter about joining the army as a combat medic but this requires a 5 years contract so my question is this: is it going to ruin my career as a physician if i serve in the military and apply to med school as a 32 year old? or is it going to help me get accepted? Any comments or opinons will be greatly apreaciated. Thank you in advance.

Welcome to OPM, you are among Kindred spirits here. Ask away and search the forums.

To answer your question:

  1. Will it hurt you? No.

  2. Will it make you stand out? probably

  3. Will it guarantee you a spot? No.

    What you can do is join the military reserves and once you get into medical school you are put on leave. After medical school you serve your time and your tuition is totally paid for and you leave medical school as a LT and debt free.

You can also join the military and/or reserves during medical school and receive assistance with tuition and living expenses in exchange for your commitment to serve. The military actively recruits medical students. The total service obligation varies depending on a lot of different factors.

I’ve read the other responses to your post and they are all correct. You can serve in the reserves and have the military pay for your medical schooling in exchange for a service committment once you complete your schooling. As for your age, to use a play on words, “with great age, comes great experience.” There are definite benefits to entering school at an older age including (hopefully) a more mature outlook on life, more focus for any chosen academic pursuits, and more life experiences. For example, I am an older student and an Army veteran with both active duty and reserve experience. There is a definite shift in my thought processes and the seriousness with which I undertake my current studies. In the end, you must render a decision as to whether you prefer the full (active duty) military experience prior to entering military school, the military experience after completing medical school (i.e. have the military pay your way and then serve on active duty), or a modified version (i.e. serve in the reserves while attending medical school). Make sure to explore all the options before signing any paperwork…because that is a legal binding contract between you and the U.S. government and should be given careful and thorough consideration. Having said that, I think it is a very honorable quest you find yourself upon and wish you the best in your endeavors in medicine and future military service!