Introduction, New to OPM

Hello All! I have been on the boards as a spectator for a little while and decided to join in the fun.

A little about me… I am currently an Army Medic, I work full time (AGR) for the TX Army National Guard. I am Married and have a two year old son.

I have around 130 credit hours but 60 of them are a certified medical assistant program. I also have A LOT of W’s on my transcript and so-so grades.

I am currently attending school part time to finish my pre reqs for medical school and get my biology degree.

I am looking forward to interacting with others who share the struggles of being a non traditional student.


Woo-hoo Texas is in the house!!!

Hi TXMEDIC, I join the forum just because of you. I am also in the military. I am currently an active duty soldier in the 82nd airborne, fort Bragg NC. I am also a biology major, but I’m thinking about changing to a chemistry major because too much student is biology major and I don’t want to be included in that pool of applicants. I’m a non-trad students with about 60 credits and a 3.5 GPA, I’m planning on transferring next semester. I’m also a 13b( field artillery) in the army,and I think that will affect my application to med school. You can reply to my post to let me know what you think about my current situation. thank you.