Introduction to Rhonda :)

Hello everyone! I’m so happy to find this board. My name is Rhonda, I’m 27 with an 8 year old son. I recently moved to Oklahoma after being in a long distance relationship for awhile. I have always wanted to go to med school but everyone kept telling me that I couldn’t and I listened. I just got myself used to the idea of doing something else. Recently my boyfriend had surgery and after spending alot of time in the hospital I then spent many sleepless nights wondering why I couldn’t become a doctor. And I can’t really think of a good reason! I have had some difficulties in the past with school, not because I struggle with the work but more with the money or outside things getting in the way, but for more than a year now I’ve not let anything get in my way although I was pursuing a different degree than the one I ultimately want. So I’m glad that I found this board right at the time when I decided that I should just go for what I want…because I haven’t yet told anyone else, as I’m scared of what they will say. It’s wonderful to read the success stories though because it just reaffirms that I can be one of them.



KOOLIO… I am on the way out the door… on call in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) today… so I will sit an compose a proper response to you when I get the lid nailed down a bit later today…

However in the meantime have a peak at my “masterpiece” “Richard Rules” at this link. That ought to give you some food for thought!…



Loved that post! The success stories definitely keep me going. I look forward to reading your blog.