I am 40 year old father of two that has fairly recently decided to pursue a path towards becoming a physician. Until just a couple years ago, this had never been on the radar for me. My wife is a neuro ICU nurse and has been my inspiration for this transition. Through her contacts I have had the opportunity to shadow a couple physicians in both hospital and clinical settings and am convinced that unless and until this path is closed to me, then I will pursue it as aggressively as able. Honestly, I can not think of a more worthy pursuit.

I have obstacles to overcome and am excited for the challenge. Back in 1995, I started my undergraduate career as an environmental science major. I was not a serious student (at all) and focused all of my energy on extra curriculars and work, instead of studies as I should have. I severely overestimated my ability to perform academically without preparation and underesrimated the importance of dedicating my efforts to achieving high marks. I switched schools in 1999 and changed majors as I had decided that environmental science was not right for me. After this I took approx 40 credit hours as a computer science major until 2002. From 2003 to 2010 I started a family and focused on my career as a business analyst. It wasn’t until 2010 that I decided to complete my undergraduate work with a BA in business administration.

Now the bad news, my overall undergraduate gpa is currently in the 2.6 range, so I have some work to do to make up for the poor grades I earned in the late 90’s. I will begin the process of repairing this number this June. The last few years of my course work are in the 3.7 range and I expect to pull up the overall value. I haven’t received a C in the last ten years and I am a different student now. I understand and appreciate the value of hard work, opportunity, and balance.

I have achieved moderate success within my current field and am frankly scared of the risks associated with transitioning careers. Particularly, the time commitment required before becoming a productive physician. Because of this, I am executing a self administered post bacc program through primarily night and evening classes so that I can continue to support my family.

My intent is to continue with my career until the point I achieve an acceptance to medical school, at which time I will write the happiest letter of resignation I can imagine.

Hi there!

Congratulations on taking the first step! Time will go by regardless is what I tell so many of my discouraging friends. I’m happy I’m not alone in this nontrad route. Currently, I thinking of keeping my day job while taking evening courses. Honestly, I would love to have an accountability partner so it would be nice to be distant study/motivation partners. I would love to work part time being my anemia and thyroid problems make me feel so easily tired throughout the day but financially I’m still catching up from losing my job.

Thank you for your introduction!


Thank you May,

I’m half way through my first class on this ride. I have to be honest, I haven’t felt this happy and motivated to get to work on school in years. I’m currently targeting 2020 as my application year and am all for accountability. Have you started your track yet?