I just wanted to say and introduce myself since I have been reading posts on the threads for a while now. My name is Eric and I am 28 and in the process of obtaining my pre-med qualifications. I am wrapping up my Masters in mental health counseling, and over the course of my graduate studies I have found that I have a strong passion to continue into Medical school and focus on psychiatry. I know that I have a bumpy road a head though, I was not as focused during my undergraduate studies and completed my Bachelors in Psychology with a 2.9 GPA. Although I have carried a 4.0 institutional GPA for my Masters, I know that my undergrad has a big impact…so I can looking now at a couple of different Post Bacc options that might be benenfical and tossing around if I should do a record enhancement program (Even though the only pre med req that I have is Biology and Calc.) or if a regular Post Bacc program would be best. The only issue I am finding difficult at this moment is that many of the Post Bacc programs I am looking at require a 3.o for admissions. However I spoke with an admissions coordinator for the John Hopkins post bacc program and she was very positive that there are steps that I can take to increase my chances for admision such as taking the GRE exam, shadowing, and having experience in clincal settings which I do. That is sort of my brief introduction, but I really want to let everyone know how appreciative I am of this site and the information that I have already obtained from reading other posts. Thanks for letting us know that its never too late to go for what you want to!

Welcome to the site! Never heard of the GRE increasing any chances of getting into Medical School. For some Podiatry Schools you can take the GRE in leau of the MCAT. Shadowing is a good way to gain knowledge on what a physician does daily as well as possibly secure some letters of rec for later. Basically you need to just bust your ass on the pre-reqs and ace the MCAT. Those two factors are the most imporant voices for you.

I think he was saying that he can take the GRE to enhance his post bacc application, not the MS app. I could be wrong though.

You can certainly recover if this is what you want to do. I am doing some GPA damage control myself. It seems like a lot of are. Congrats on making the decision to move forward!!

Best of luck in finding a program that meets your needs. I opted for the local state (4yr) college and I am doing an informal track. I registered as a second degree candidate and that gave me access to the pre-med advisor and I will be able to get a composite letter of rec. In the long run, I think it should all work out. My only options to go to a formal program are in NYC and in addition to $$$$ the schools are a relatively long train ride away.

Good-luck and HAVE FUN!!!


Hi Eric,

You might not be as bad off as you think. Since you’ve only taken biology and math, if you continue with the rest of your science prereqs and do really well, you can have a kickass science GPA.

Welcome to OPM!

Hey there,

thanks for the welcome. The GRE is actually just to increase my chances of getting into the Post Bacc program and then I can focus on getting the science grades. I have actually started shadowing two different physicians, one an M.D. and the other a D.O. so I can sort of get a view of both worlds…

I certainly hope I can recover from the lower undergrad GPA, but I definately appreciate the encouragement! Thanks for the Welcome!

You have a point, I really do not have any of my sciences yet so that is a bright side to things! haha, now to get them started!