hi. my name is shane and here is a short intro. i am 34 years old and have a large family of a wife and four kids. i have three years of college, but my grades are poor. i have had the habit of overloading my plate. i would take full time classes and work full-time to take care of my family. i would do well in the classes i would focus on, but i would drop out past the drop deadline, resulting if f’s. my gpa is pretty low. right now i work offshore in the oilfield. my wife is about to go to nursing school. i will take some classes online, then go to rn school myself. as an rn i will pursue a degree in biochemistry. at that point i will apply to med school. i will be 40 years old at that point. after all of this i will have pulled my gpa up and had plenty of medical experience. i worked in the hospital when i was younger for two years and got the medicine bug. this is my life’s dream. please send me any advice and encouragement. thanks. shane from mississippi.