Before I start, I just want to say how thankful I am that a board like this exists! I thought I was alone out here!

I am a recently unemployed 32 year old guy who, for the past few years, has had the privilege of working as a medical and dental distributor sales rep for mckesson medical surgical and henry schein. i realized from all this experience that I really would make a great fit with general practice or family practice.

many years ago 2004 i graduated from the university at buffalo with a bs in medicinal chem. i didnt do too well. 2.20 gpa isnt all that good, but i wasnt serious at the time.

i love medical sales, and breaking into that alone with no quantifiable sales experience (I had small, short term rancid positions that are funny stories in themselves) was an amazing accomplishment. I still keep the book of names and numbers of pharma reps and medical reps that i called for the 3 years as a reminder. getting medical sales with no previous experience was HARD. If I can do that, this is possible as well.

I believe in the alternate opportunity and that theres always some way to prove your mettle, if you are of the mettle that can handle the strain. I am very happy there is a support network to back me up and guide me. I hope to return the favor one day.


allopathic school of god knows who class of 2016 hopeful

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