I am so excited to have found this wonderful website! We really thought we were crazy when my hubby decided to go back to school and become a doc.
I’m the BK, he’s the CK. He wants to be a DO, as we are both into holistic medicine (due to our MD who has a holistic practice). Like so many we come from a very non-medical background. Charlie was a Disney Imagineer for years and designed great rides and shows for the Disney theme parks. He also wrote a Star Trek pop-up-book called “These Are the Voyages”, and worked on some films. He went to Cal Arts in LA. Then Disney started the lay-offs, and POOF! went the dream job. For years we went from job to job, but hated it. There was no passion for anything. I say “we” because it really was both of us doing that. We were even in ministry together.
This past year Charlie became an EMT, and fell in love with medicine. He will soon be a paramedic, and is working for Florida Hospital here in Orlando. As a result of 9-11 we lost everything. I started doing interent research for my MD- author and found my own love with medicine, too. So we are starting over. Like newlyweds-- with kids.
It was with great joy that I found this site and found that we are not alone. Crazy maybe, but not alone. It has been an even greater joy for me to see my hubby light up when studying, and to find out that he likes science. His eyes sparkle when he talks about being a doctor. Disney was his passion for years, and for him to have a new one is just awesome. He even has a 4.0 gpa (not including Cal Arts which doesn’t count toward anything-- everything he learned there is out dated-- even for the entertainment industry!)
Charlie is 40, I’m 45. We have 2 kids, 13 and 10. They are currently homeschooled.
I’m curious, has anyone else come this way by way of the entertainment industry?
I also have a question-- is there anything I should be doing while he’s taking his pre-meds that will help him (and us) later-- both in med school and once he’s out of school? I have toyed with the idea of becoming an RN, or even getting my MOM degree (Masters of Oriental Medicine), but not too sure about what to pursue-- if anything. I do have a BS in business. Maybe if I got certified in phlebotomy. Hmmm… Any ideas?

Thanks to all.

I used to be in the entertainment biz as well. I worked for Disney as a FT musician at the Parks and in the backlot recording and writing scores for industrial projects and commercials. I did a lot of arranging, and with the collapse of the parks, POOF! Went my gig. I hated working there and then started my own studio for 6 yrs.
Anyway, I too am in medicine and will be an MS-1 at St. Christopher's College of Medicine in England this fall. I am taking my family and after I complete year 2, my wife intends on trying for PA school. Funny things happen. We too have homeschooled our kids this year with great and moderate success. (Depends on the child if you ask me).
I don't know about the Oriental degree. I don't know if it would be considered something good or not. Someone else might give better advice on that. I might suggest interim doing an MBS (Biomedical science) or something where the committee's can see committment to the MD/DO pathway. Take my advice with a grain of salt.
You forgot to give location.
Natalie, can you help out here?

Ya know-- I put this in the wrong place… sorry.
I'm the one interested in the oriental-- that is to say, the wifey, ME! My hubby wants the real thing-- the DO or MD. I'm not sure what I should be doing, but he knows exactly what he wants and all I want to do is support him as best I can, now and later. He's going for a microbiology- type degree ( I don't remember the name of it exactly.)
So, any suggestions?
And, again, sorry, this post belongs a little further up on this board, as we are not quite at this point – yet. But all comments are appreciated.