Is a B in Organic 2 a big issue?

So I’ve got a 3.6-3.7 GPA undergrad, have A’s in Bio I, Chem I and II, and in Organic I (lectures and labs) with mostly A’s in Physics (2 A’s, 1 B).

I switched schools for Organic 2 and am struggling a bit for several reasons - not all class related.

If I get through this with a B in lecture and lab then ace Bio II, does that seem like a huge issue? Seems like you always read that you have to get straight A’s in the pre-req’s, but not sure how real this is. Any perspective?

I’m not giving up on an A, but don’t want to freak out if I get a B. Unless I should…

Word to the wise, stay OFF SDN, LOL!!!

I haven’t been on it! Am I to assume they would say it’s a big problem, but the folks here wouldn’t?

  • KYJoe Said:
I haven't been on it! Am I to assume they would say it's a big problem, but the folks here wouldn't?


YES they would, and would also encourage you to change your major away from premed!

Someone please help me here, I'm a little low on humor and high on sarcasm, ROTFLMBO!!!


A B is not the end of the world. Although an A is better, I am sure there are plenty of examples where people with a B in OChem still go to Med School.

For sure, shoot for an A. Do what you can. Work hard and give it your best shot. This is a respectable attitude.

I wish you the best of luck.

Getting a B in any science class will raise an eyebrow. This is “NOT” a show-stopper. You will need however to have a decent “reason” for the B. This will certainly be discussed during your interview.


I agree, stay off SDN!

Getting a B in one pre-req is far from the end of the world. Medical school admissions committees look for trends, and this is why they often focus on total GPA, science GPA, and MCAT. If you apply with a 3.7 GPA and above 30 (at least 10, 10, 10) MCAT, you will have crossed the academic hurdle set by most medical schools. Remember, however, that academics is just one small part of medical school admissions. Academics are often used as a litmus test, and once a pre-med passes this test, the adcoms move on to more interesting parts of the application including research, community service, extracurriculars, and clinical experience. Is getting an A better than a B? Sure. But a B in orgo II will likely not be the reason you do or do not get into medical school. Good luck with everything!

If a B is out of the norm for you–and it sounds like it is based on the other grades you’ve received–the med schools will be interested in why the grade dropped. There’s also a red flag in the change of schools; based on the grade change the med schools might assume that the classes in the school you switched to are more rigorous than the school where you did your other work. This could call into question the grades in the original school. If you do well on the MCAT that will mitigate the B grade, prove that the grades in the courses at the original school are valid, and demonstrate that you’re ready for med school. All in all, though, one B is not going to ruin your chance of admission; it’s one grade out of many. If it happens, try to rebound from it by taking additional courses and doing very well in them. It’s always good to end your premed courses on an upward trajectory.

I got a B in Micro and Cell during my post-bacc, am currently at the end of spring break for my first year.

So I followed this advice (work hard ) and well, it worked! A in both Organic 2 lecture and lab.

On to the next class…