Is a child life volunteer clinical experience?

I have started to volunteer at a children’s hospital where get to be around the patients that are admitted. I am wondering if this is classified as clinical experience. i do get requested to hold babies when the parents need a break or help to somewhat distract the kids by playing with them or talking with them while the doctors or nurses need to do some procedure. I am also called to do this when parents need to talk with the doctors without interruption. On top of this, do some rounding and check on all the patients and see if they need anything that i can provide for them such as games, toys, puzzles ect. I also get requested to go find specific things that patients are asking for to make them feel more comfortable such a stuffed animal or something in a language they are more familiar with. any clarification would be appreciated

Not 100% sure, but I think it would because you’d be interacting directly with patients and families (even if you aren’t performing clinical duties).

Thats what i was hoping, thanks for your opinion.

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No problem, I’d double check with a pre-health advisor if you have one but any kind of volunteer experience is better than none!