Is an upward trend enough? Without grade replacement - GPA: 3.47, sGPA: 3.36. With grade replacement - GPA: 3.61, sGPA: 3.53

Dr. Gray pls make a video on this T_T. Okay so my freshman year of college as a 17 year old, I got a C- (that’s right, C MINUS) in both Calc 1 and Calc 2, each of which are 4 credits. So, I have 8 credits of a C- that is not only killing my GPA but killing my sGPA very badly. I retook the two classes at the same time and got an A in both. I also have a strong upward trend in which the second half of college I got straight A’s last 3 semesters of college with 300 and 400 level science classes.

Since my undergraduate institution has a grade replacement policy for first year students, I was able to get a good overall GPA of 3.61 and an sGPA of 3.53 which I am able to really work with along with a good MCAT score. However, without the grade replacement of Calc 1 and Calc 2 for med school apps which include those 8 credits of a C minus in a BCPM class, my overall GPA severely drops to a 3.47 overall and a 3.36 sGPA. It gives me so much anxiety how much my GPA changes from those two classes I took when I wasn’t even an adult. The GPA I graduate with at my institution reflects my academic career the best and I know I can take on the rigors of medical school. I am graduating this semester and I feel hopeless. I can’t believe my mistake during my freshman year in 2017 is literally hurting me so much right now.

I’m female, URM, first-gen American and first-gen college. I don’t make any excuses AT ALL but I came into college AT 17 years old, clueless, not pre-med, depressed, and I had no guidance from any sibling or parent or mentor as I was the first in my family to attend college. When I became pre-med my sophomore year my GPA increased dramatically and I was able to retake those C- classes. I am able to adequately explain the situation but I’m not sure if it will be acknowledged.

Do medical schools look at the grade replacement GPA? Do they see/acknowledge the GPA at your institution? How is this seen?

I too would like to hear Dr. Gray talk about this as I don’t know how the AAMC and med schools handle/view grade replacement.

Having said that, from what I’ve heard Dr. Gray say on his podcasts it seems that you might be focusing a little too heavily on stats. You have above a 3.0 even without grade replacement and a strong upward trend. To me, it seems the best thing to do is do well on the MCAT and tell your story. Dr. Gray has had people on his podcast with worse stats than yours who still got into medical school. Will it be tough? Yes, it’s always tough. But with hard work and some faith you can succeed. You’ve already accomplished so much already!

You can still do it! Best wishes!