Is August 2007 MCAT too late for 2007 application?

Hi all,

So these pre-med classes are harder than I thought and I’d like to spread them out over more time…If I take the August 2007 MCAT, is it worth it to still put in my applications in June 2007? I know with rolling admissions timing is everything.

Thanks for advice.

If you have never taken the MCAT, I believe that you are gambling. If you took the August MCAT without any other MCATs then your application will not be seen until you have your score.

However, since the Format for the MCAT has changed and starting this January you will be able to take it almost every month, why would you wait until august?

It’s worth it to get applications in by July so you can be verified by August, hopefully, and work on secondaries between when you finish the MCAT and scores come out (many schools will send secondaries without screening). Then once your scores come out, your packet will be complete and you can be promptly reviewed.

Don’t take the MCAT until you are ready.