Is it better to drop a class???

If you are going to get a B, is it better to drop the class, must all post bacc classes be A’sss?

No, don’t drop a class if you are getting a B. W’s don’t look good and there is nothing wrong with a B.

ACK! NO! Please don’t drop a class for a B. Obviously the better your post-bacc grades are, the better it is for your application but there is NO requirement or expectation that you must have all As.

I do worry sometimes about the impression premeders get when it comes to grades. Granted, you need good grades to get into med school. But for most of us who have gotten into med school, we can assure you that we have B’s and some C’s on our transcripts. I know this to be 100%fact. I was the president our our pre-med society for 2 years as an undergrad. I acted as a support person for truckloads of premeds so I know all about alot of people and their grades. I only came across 10 people that had 4.0 GPAs. All the rest had Bs and some C’s and a handful had a D or two.
So it is ok to get B’s. Now that said, you want A’s also, because otherwise your gpa will be a 3.0. But if you have a good mix of grades, that should keep your GPA between 3.4 and 3.8, which is a great place to be.

If I dropped classes in college as an undergrad every time I got a B, I never would have graduated! Most of my grades were B’s. I got a lot of A’s too but I find A’s are hard to come by in college–of course these classes were all my journalism classes and other assorted liberal arts classes.
My (postbac) science and math GPA remains to be seen. I’m doing so poorly in math (precalc II) right now that I’m praying for a C at this point, but I’m not giving up. Where’s Mary’s quote: Never Surrender!