Is it difficult to get into a Post bacc bridge program to Med school?

Happy New Year All,

Is there anyone out there who has applied to a Post Bacc program that bridges to Medical school? If so, what was your experience with applying? (I live in NYC but willing to relocate) I have a less than stellar gpa but want to study medicine. Took on way too many intense courses at once in undergrad thus causing my gpa to suffer.

Anyway, I’m debating whether or not to apply to a post bacc program to raise my gpa or should I take certain course own my own (non matriculating courses)

Any info would be really helpful.

Thank you.

If you have a less than stellar GPA, you may find it very difficult to get into a formal post-bacc program. Most of the programs want a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and some may have higher requirements than that. The post-bacc programs that have linkages to medical schools tend to be very competitive for admission.

I actually have been doing research into this. I agree, getting into a formalized postbac with a linkage program is difficult if your GPA isn’t a 3.25 or above. On the AAMC website there is a list of formal and informal postbac programs at various schools.

I am currently trying to start postbac this fall after 3 years of working. Needless to say, my GPA was less than stellar. If I do well in a postbac program, will I have a decent shot of getting into med school in the US? Has anyone gone this route before?