Is it me or do others here feel.......

Is it me or do others here feel that there is still so much to review at the end of Basic Sci? I sometimes feel like I’m overwhelmed. I have so much to reread, yeah I’ve done alright but I guess it’s like I studied and studied and now it’s time to get it all together and straight. Any thoughts?

I plan to take Step one by August. I have my last semester of Basic now and as I write this I started a review, I have done some over the break and now starting on it with Kaplan.


I don’t have any advice for Step 1 as I just completed my first semester of med school. But I was wondering, is Step 1 similar to the Shelf exams? We took one of those for biochem and it wasn’t too bad. Nothing like what they’re teaching us, but very clinically relevant.

If you have until August to take it, you’ll be ready. That’s a lot of time. Good luck!


Looking back, I would say pick one resource (ie First Aid, Crush, whichever one of the many available) that fits your learning style and stick with it. Then do TONS of questions, which will make you use the info instead of just re-reading it. If I could go back in time, that’s how I would do it.

Good luck, Tara

Thanks I guess it’s just “roll up your sleeves and dive in time” LOL

For Step One, Q-bank is really helpful! It’s not a review (although each question is carefully explained and referenced) but it is great at giving you test-taking practice. I would study a chapter or section of First Aid, and then do questions from the same topic on Q-bank. Then every several days I’d do a mix-n-match set of questions to review. I did Q-bank for just one month, because I felt pretty good about my test-taking skills, but if you are a little less confident in that skill set, the 3-month subscription is a good deal and well worth the investment.


Thanks Mary, I saw that 199 for 1 month but 279 for 3 so Yes I think I will not be cheap and buy the 3 month. I need the time and thats how I passed the NCLEX RN with a high sore I bought like 3 review books full of questions and worked on that till I was sick of it! So I agree with this method. Thank you…Bill.