Is it ok to take science pre-requs at a 2 year school?

I am 42, and I plan to begin my pre-requs this summer. I have a BS in Accounting and a JD from UF (3.4 and 3.1 respectively). I will be leaving the military in about a year. Is it ok to knock out these courses at a 2 year college. I have Chem I with lab and Calc (A in each), but they were taken so long ago, I feel I should retake.

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It’s definitely ‘ok’ but many schools prefer the classes to have been taken at a 4 year institution. If you know the schools where you want to apply check with the admissions office at the school. Otherwise try to take them at your local 4 yr College/University.

This issue has been discussed ad nauseum on this board; try searching for threads and you’ll definitely get a ton of information that will argue in favor of either side.


It’s always preferred to take the pre-reqs at a 4 year institution if possible. If you do end up taking them at a 2 year school, you should plan on taking some upper level science courses at a 4 year institution and work very hard to make sure you do well (as in all A’s) in the courses and do well on the MCAT.

If the only courses you plan on taking are the pre-reqs, I highly advise you to take at least some of them at a 4 year institution.