Is it worth moving to Texas??

I’m debating moving from Philadelphia to Texas to take pre-reqs a la carte and meet residency requirements before applying to the in-state schools. Anyone know others that made similar move to Texas or any other state? Any pitfalls/cautions/general words of wisdom on the subject?

I’m 31 yr old finance geek. Was EMT for 4 yrs in college, realizing finance doesn’t turn me on anymore, looking at going surgery route.

Some state schools are particular about admitting state residents for the purpose of expecting them to remain there to practice, so you should be ready to answer questions along those lines when it comes time to apply to med school.

I remember hearing YEARS ago that to establish Texas residency for school, you had to have lived and worked there for a year without attending school… but again, this is a recollection that could easily be faulty.

You just need to know, for sure and from the horse’s mouth, what’s required to establish residency in Texas. When you find that out, share it here if you can! I am sure you are not the only one out there wondering.


Here’s a good start: ncy.h…

There’s links on that page to further info as well.

I just found out that to establish residency here in Oklahoma I had to fill out an application, my sole purpose can’t be to attend to school, I have to be setting up “domicile” here. Meaning I have to live here and be setting up “permanent” roots and not just looking to attend school and then move. I’m not sure about other states since this is my first go round at this. But I had to make copies of my state and federal tax returns, my state only showed partial year residency since I moved here in the middle of 2008, and I had to make a copy of my lease which is a 24 month lease and I had to get a letter from my employer stating my job title and how long I’ve worked here and that I was full time and if my employment outlook was good! Then I had to fill out an application, I had to write why I moved to Oklahoma and why I should be granted residency status for education purposes. It was a process.

And I was only eligible to apply for in-state tuition after having lived here for a year, I have been attending school so that wasn’t a factor but I can’t speak definitively for other states as I haven’t personally experienced that process.

I’ll let you guys know if they say yes. It will save me alot of money and since I didn’t move here just for school I really hope they do say yes or it will not be happy in my house.