Is Orgo 2 needed to take MCATs?

Is the content of Orgo 2 needed to take the MCAT’s or can you take it having taken all other prereqs except for Orgo 2?

You should take Organic II before you take the MCAT. Most people take it in the spring and then take the MCAT in the spring as well. The little bit that you miss is fine, but the majority of what is on the MCAT will be taught to you before the April MCAT.

Was that what you were talking about, or did you mean you wanted to take the MCAT without having any part of Organic II? That wouldn’t be wise.

I totally agree with Amy. Just got done taking the MCAT, and there is quite a bit that you learn in the second semester of OCHEM that was on my test. Carbohydrates, lipids, hemi-acetals, aromatics, and lots of carbonyl chemistry. There were of course the questions from 1st semester: R vs S, Sn1/Sn2/E1/E2, but I think I had many more questions on semester II stuff.
Also agree that you can prepare for MCAT and take it concurrently (spring of year that you take MCAT). That way it is all very fresh in your head. I had my final in OCHEM on the monday following MCAT saturday!

Yes, most of the material on my version of the 2003 April McAT was Organic II just FYI.

You also need the lab portion. I took the MCAT without completing OCHEM II and I had no lab at that time - big mistake. I was lost on a complete passage that was cleared up within the first two weeks of lab - good grief. There is biochemistry on the MCAT now as well - another course I did not have at the time.

Thank you everyone for your input. That really helped me a great deal. If I wait for MCATs after Orgo 2 (given that I am one sememster behind) it will put med school off a whole year but…I guess I have waited this long that another year ain’t gonna hurt and I can space out my classes better and even take biochem.


>There is biochemistry on the MCAT now as well.
Yes, there is. The Biology covered on my MCAT this spring went well beyond what was covered in a first year general biology course.
I’d say that Organic II is a requirement to face the test.
I’d strongly recommend taking a one semester biochem and physiology course as well.

I know how you feel about not wanting to lose a year. That is something we older students have to try and deal with as we go through this long process. We all know where you are coming form on this topic.
And see, there are positives to be found in any situation including this one. Taking biochem would benefit you. Good luck.

As many have said and what I’ve learned first hand thus far is…it’s a marathon and not a sprint. You’ll be much better prepped to tackle the MCAT with both Orgo 2 and Biochem, which will raise your score, which will make you more appealing to Adcoms, which will get you an acceptance. So, big deal, you’ll be a whole year older…older and wiser! Keep pluggin away and take it one small step at a time.

I concur completely with all the above posts.