Is there a DO (or med student) that can help me, please??

Hi all,

I am a pre-med student who is currently enrolled in a public speaking course. I am going to be doing an informative speech on osteopathic medicine. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to explore some of the differences between osteopathic and allopathic medicine, since I am still unsure as to which I will pursue when the time comes. For part of my speech, I would like to include some first-hand knowledge from a DO, a student enrolled in an osteopathic program, or someone else who would be very knowledgeable about the topic. So if there is anyone kind enough to help me out a little bit and answer a couple questions, I would greatly appreciate it. The answers do not have to be lengthy at all. Thanks!

  1. What are the core differences in philosophy, if any, between osteopathic and allopathic physicians?

  2. What types of conditions can be treated with osteopathic manipulative techniques?

I say this with kindness: Dr. Google (or Dr. Bing) is who you want to consult here. These are questions that you’ll be able to find readily with some research. If you’ve already read some stuff and are wondering about specifics, then some folks on here may be able to help you with real specific questions. But your questions right now are very general, which is why I think you’ve gotten lots of views but no answers. Good luck!


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