It all begins tonight!

Well in just an hour an a half from now I will begin my first class of this semester to get back on track. I have been out of school for many years. I did well in the past (4.0) but it has been awhile. I had mostly taken prereq classes to get to some premed prereqs. I have pre-calculus tonight which starts the ball rolling into calculus then I can get into physics and so on. I am only going to do Pre-calc and start my Bio classes this semester so that I can work and obtain high grades. It’s a long road that I have gotten on and off of over many years and now I choose to stay on the road to my destination. All of you with your help and responses are a huge encouragement and I am confident that I can do it with my OPM family.

Congratulations! This is an exciting time. Keep taking it in sensible chunks and kick academic butt and you’ll get where you’re going! I’m so excited for you.

I’m knee-deep in pre-calc at this very moment (test tomorrow). I really had to shake out the cobwebs. My last serious math class was back in 1988! =P

Best of luck with yours!


Just started Chem 1 - I haven’t had that since 1983! Good luck to all of you with your pre-reqs!