It is a shame

that I cannot make it to the conference this year. I was able to make my first contact with my now Alma Mater at my first conference in 2005. I was able to know how to really write a good personal statement and was supercharged for this very lengthy and at times, difficult process.

It is a shame that I cannot make it this year because I am scheduled to be in the ICU that month. Maybe next time. I will be there in spirit though.

Have fun!!!

I feel you, Gabe. I would have loved to have gone last year, but was in the ICU. Will also be in the ICU this year, as well. Not sure I will be able to come next year, either, as I will be nearing the end of residency and preparing to move!

Maybe when I’m an attending . . .

You will both be missed!

But I think I can speak for many (if not all) on this site when I say we are SO proud of you both, for actually making this dream happen, so we completely understand.

Have fun in the ICU!