It Is Tricksy, My Precious!

…I’m not speaking of the devil’s own ring here, but rather the medical school tests I’ve encountered so far. Multiple choice, but you have to read each question - and each multiple choice answer - like a lawyer wrote them.
I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve prepared so hard for tests to walk out without much of an idea how I actually did. I’m willing to make a small bet on passing the thing, but as far as the grade…no clue.
These things are worse than the MCAT…
Anyonw else having this experience?

I never had that problem man. I always knew that I either passed or was going to ride a curve of some sort to get over the hump. A few times I knew I bombed. Then I had to hermitize to pass the final. Not fun. I hated Genetics.

They curved your tests?


They curved your tests?

Man, they sure curved ours. Sadly, they did it the ‘correct’ way. Our cut off for High Pass was either the mean or median of the distribution, regardless of the actual grade. In gross anatomy, back when we were all super gunners, the cut point was 98 for High Pass and 100 for Honors (the top 10%).
I hate curves these days. Of course, that’s the same way the USMLE is graded so perhaps I should have looked at it as preparation.
In any case, I’m blissfully done with most of those now. Of course, our inservice exams are just as bad from what I hear.
Take care,
PS, great to hear from you again, Joe!