It's 4am I am on call at Dartmouth Med Center

Please allow me to introduce myself - I am the orginal copycat (please note the play on words). Hell, if MaryRR can have “Post Call Mary”, then OldManDave can have the “Masked Marauder” as his alter ego…Jesus, am I prattling on or what???
Yes, I am on call & so deliriously exhausted that I have chosen to post in lieu of sleeping…crazy, huh? My on-call shift so far: essentially have been in the OR non-stop, except for the occasional urination & feeding - nope, did not get them mixed up - since 0800 YESTERDAY morning…for the math impaired…that’s creepin up on 20 hours. Have done several very cool cases including a renal transplant. Just returned from a code where a new (read that as ‘green’) critical care fellow is doing his damnest to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Poor lady!
I am really getting addicted to the anesthesia game. Even earned very positive feedback & compliments from the most hard-assed attending here at DHMC. Made me feel top-notch! He’s really not such a hard-ass…just has high expectations & has no qualms about letting you know when you fall short. Course, that’s why this is such an awesome program. ALL of us are expected to perform at a high level. Even as a CA-1, there is no resting on your laurels because you’re getting better. Nope, as soon as some modicum of comfort eeks in, they kick it up a few notches.
Oh well…have prattled on long enough. Mainly, I am just winding down & wished to intro the “Masked Marauder” —> OMD’s alter ego.

Hey Dave, the “Masked Marauder” - I like it. Lots of good possibilities for avatars, too. Congrats on getting positive feedback, that’s gotta make your day. I know the folks who aren’t yet doing such schedules wonder, why on earth would you get on-line instead of going straight to bed, but I understand it - when you’re going at a pace like you describe, it would be possible to fall straight to sleep but a little bit of transition time to help the brain turn off is a good thing.
Cool that you saw a renal transplant. I hope the code victim survives despite the chaos, but then if she does, she’ll have bucked the odds regardless of the CC resident, eh?
I am counting down the days to the end of my FP month where I do not have call or weekends - wow is it going to be sad, not to mention a shock, to switch gears and go from rounding at 8am (attending hours!!) to being the floor intern for surgery, gulp. Well, I’ll start out well-rested anyway.
Here’s hoping that being on call Friday night means that you get the rest of the weekend to enjoy, esp. for football on Sunday

Hi there,
It’s funny but I haven’t felt the need to have an alter ego. I guess I am so one dimensional (typical surgeon) that being myself is just being a surgeon. I suppose that there are worse things I could be.
The original super bitchin surgeon