It's a Girl

Born 10:33pm.

7lb 12oz


Name to be announced.

Mom and Baby are doing fine.

Congratulations Poppa Gabe!!

Congrats! Hope everyone is doing well!

Congratulations Gabe!!!

Hope to see some photos soon :).

Congratulations to your family Gabe! Welcome to the world, Baby Girl Lerman!

Oh my goodness!! Congratulations on the new baby!

Little Baby. Name will be announced Sunday.

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Aww, congrats Gabe!!! Hope mom and baby are doing well

Congratualtions! She’s adorable!

her name is:

Amy Perl Lerman

Congrats!!! She is precious!

congrats and welcome to the world princess amy!!!

she is an absolute doll!! glad to hear everyone is doing well!!!

the real question daddy gabe is how many ways does your little princess have you wrapped around her pinky finger??

let me see…can’t count that high. Especially since I am wrapped around 3 other little fingers too.

I don’t know how many times I tell them that I am just 1 person and they are now 4 (5 if you count the wife, 7 if you count the parents).

what…you mean you are not superman like all kiddos seem to think their daddy is?? lol

on another note, how is the transition from 3 to 4??? we are talking about it and figure that anything after 2 is just more chaos into what is already chaos.