It's a small, small world OPMers!!

SUCH a funny thing happened to me yesterday. I had my organic chemistry lab final (worth celebrating, to be sure), and afterwards everyone was just kind of hanging around and talking for awhile…

It turns out, for the entire semester, a fellow OPMer (kosmicnupe) has been about 3 lab benches away from me in orgo II lab. I laughed so hard when I realized that… Due to the nature of how things roll in lab (i.e. get in, get your stuff done, get home as quickly as possible), we had almost no interaction all semester other than polite ‘hi, how are you’s’ and a few ‘hey, did you guys get that to precipitate?’ over the lab bench.

The whole time, I never knew. LOL He’s applying this cycle as well, and intends to go to Meharry (here in Nashville). Doesn’t post much here, but he says reading these forums is a tremendous support tool for him.

So excited to get his contact info so we can support each other through the application cycle!

Look around, folks. You never know who is sitting beside you. We are EVERYWHERE!!!

Don’t Google it, and tell me where the phrase “We are everywhere!” came from. I actually rubbed shoulders with the person who originally coined this phrase…

  • VickiV Said:
Don't Google it, and tell me where the phrase "We are everywhere!" came from. I actually rubbed shoulders with the person who originally coined this phrase.....

I always thought that quote was from Nabokov?

  • carrieliz Said:

Isnt it amazing? I find myself running into nontrads in places all the time.

*At a class reunion for my wife, who is from Hong Kong, I am sitting to next to a DO who practices both Osteopathic and Chinese medicine and who work as a PA for a decade before going to medical school.

*Getting a call from my brother who while stuck waiting for a flight strikes up a conversation with a woman who works at google but is starting classes for premed.

*While in Las Vegas before last year's conference, a waitress at the restaurant mentions she is in college and I ask what is she studying. She tells me the tale of trying to go back to medicine.

*My favorite, just over hearing a middle-aged woman online at the drug store talk about her sister working on premed. She was astounded when I walked up and gave her my card.

Nontrads are everywhere!

Interesting how many of us there are…just found out that the woman sitting in front of me in my physics class frequents at least one of the blogs I check in on almost daily. It really is a small world out there.