It's a...

Boy! We found out last week that little Flaim number two is another boy, and we're just thrilled. Stay tuned for his arrival - I'm due on Christmas!

Congratulations! smile.gif

Congratulations Cheryl!
My sister (also named Cheryl) is also having a boy and due around Christmas. Too funny. She also just found out today. Are you sure you’re not her? smile.gif
I have two little boys and it is awesome! The little one is only 9 months old and they already spend hours a day wrestling. rolleyes.gif

Oh, Cheryl, congratulations! I looooved having my two boys - they were so cute together! (I know my MIL was disappointed at how pleased I was to have another boy, but that was her problem.)
And a Christmas baby - well there's a tax deduction for sure!

Congrats on the upcoming tax deduction! Boys are fun for sure!