It's all over. . .

The long struggle to pass COMLEX 1 is over. I am never going to do it again. Why? Because I just got my scores and I passed!!!

This time around the tears are tears of joy!

Now I can finally resume my rotations which I truly love.

Thanks to all of you for your constant support, encouragement, and friendship throughout the entire ordeal.


Congrats!! Go get 'em on the rotations :slight_smile:


Congratulations Linda!

Congratulations Linda!!! That is wonderful news!

That’s excellent news, Linda! Congrats on the perseverance of the 20th and another step towards becoming recognized as the excellent physician you are!

Yay! Congratulations Linda. I admire your perseverance.




I am chair-dancing for you right now!


Congrats, Linda! I am so happy for you!

I’m walking on air!


I am so proud of you that I am literally getting teary-eyed. That is wonderful! My faith in you never faltered - not for a fraction of a second.

Welcome to the profession! I will be there to watch that hood go on…even if it pisses off the Pope.

AWESOME!!! I knew you could do it Linda!!! Believe it or not, this just brightened my day!!



Hugs to you


Linda! Congratulations!

Good luck during your rotations!

You are a real inspiration! And I need it - especially now, struggling to prepare for my first anatomy exam!!!


  • Linda Wilson Said:
I passed!!!!!

Oh, Linda, this is such fantastic news!! We all knew you could do it, and you did! Job well done. Now relax for a bit - you deserve it! :-)



Major big-time congratulations to you Linda! I hope to one day shake hands with you!


Thanks, Ron. Make it to the conference next June. I’ll be there! In the meantime, consider your hand shaken!

Linda, in case I didn’t say it before, let me say that Step One was by far my worst experience. Oh how I hated that material, reviewing endlessly, always feeling like I couldn’t possibly know it all (true dat), worried that as much as I was trying to cram into my cranium, it was leaking out every night and I’d have to start over…

You will do much better with the far-more-clinically-orien ted Step Two, and then Step Three. You have an ear for how things go in a clinical setting and you will be just fine. You are right, “It’s all over.” No more worries. Now enjoy your T-day because you’ll be working hard in just a few!


Thanks Mary.

I got the break down on my scores and what made me the happiest was seeing that my history and physical, diagnosis, and management scores were all on the high side, with management being off the chart!

Seeing my understanding of scientific mechanisms increase greatly was good, especially since they were oh so necessary to pass, but I feel confident that the other components will make steps 2 (and 3) much more my kind of test!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! As a matter of fact, let me say “Happy Every Day to Everyone!!”