It's been a while since I saw my transcript

I had to request a new one for the transfer from comm coll to LVC. It’s not good by no means, but It’s a teeny tiny bit better than I thought at a 2.907

I had in my head it was around a 2.8. My husband thought it was closer to a 2.0/1.8. I was a little more confident than that.

It at least shows me how hard I have to push to get the GPA up to something somewhat acceptable. Seeing it makes me all nervous again about that college algebra D I had to just retake and still only managed a B in. I will more than likely be hiring private tutors sooner than later this semester as it really seemed to help. (At midterms this last time I was barely pulling a C in the class so the tutor really did help me grasp the material).

Well, here’s to reaching for the stars, feeling nervous, and hoping maybe I just snag the moon.

Nice, BOOBS! You’re on course. I’m curious to know when folks on OPM say “GPA” is it your experience that they mean Cumulative Undergraduate GPA for all undergrad courses, or is it only the math/natural sciences GPA? I find all of that a bit confusing. In applying to my grad school, we had something similar in that what we called “GPA” was the Cumulative Undergrad GPA. What we called “Major GPA” was just that: The GPA for all courses within one’s major.

My Major GPA is higher than my Cumulative GPA, which is higher than my Bio/Chem/Math GPA. In my case, my major was psych with a bio minor, so Major GPA is unrelated to B/C/M GPA. I’m a bit confused (but I admit I’m currently loaded up with cold meds, lol).

Lastly, in reading some other forums, it seems that adcoms don’t care much about one’s grad school GPA. Ever hear anything clear on that topic?

Well if it’s my science GPA that counts, I had one scrawny science class and one general math class w/ my original undergrad. I suspect all the classes I’m taking now will more than make up for the C and B.

Quite frankly, it is both.

The cum GPA will be considered as overall. Most of the people on here, I believe, are referring to that one.

The science/math component is considered separately.

However, I’ve been told if the overall is too low, that the adcoms will usually not get to the science/math component having eliminated the particular candidate at first blush based on overall.

Basically, do well now - very, very well. If you have an overall GPA that stinks like skunk “perfume” on a January 15, 2009 winter day in Minnesota, it is a hurdle but one that I’ve been told is not completely insurmountable. (Mine does… I reckon any paper my overall is printed on is good for puppy training and geriatric canine care!)

I would encourage anyone looking to see how this all fits into AMCAS applications by simply googling “AMCAS GPA calculation” or some such derivative. I was able to pull up an Excel sheet that apparently works well in trying to figure out how it looks on AMCAS apps as well as to adcoms.

There’s also another calculator out there that helps identify how many credits of 4.0 or what-not one would have to get to hit a certain threshold of overall GPA. To me, that seems overly stupid and time wasting because I’m trying to bifurcate what my grades were then, what’s changed, and what I am getting now. But that’s just my op on it, don’t take as gospel.