It's done. . . . again!!

Last night I came home about 5 pm after a grueling 8 hour day. . . . one filled with eight 50-question blocks. You know, that thing called COMLEX!

Now it’s wait and see time…also again. But this time I feel as though I spent more quality study time and felt more prepared than ever before. I went into the exam feeling confident, but cautious; pain-free (thanks to a couple of lidoderm patches on my neck and low back); and really ready to use the “Wow!” factor that my internal med doctor, who just happens to be my mentor, told me I now have.

Anyway, it’s over. I feel fine. Just can’t wait for the results so I can get back to my education.

Thanks for all the continued support and encouragement!


Congrats, Linda . . . Now just the waiting . . .

I’m happy for you, Linda. I bet you did darn well.

Congratulations on getting through it all! Keeping my fingers crossed, but I’m betting you’ll be getting good news!

Glad you made it through… waiting sucks!

Thanks guys! I am finding ways to fill the time until my scores are in. First, I need to renew my Basic CPR, and then I need to completely redo my ACLS. I let it expire without even thinking about it. Luckily there are classes in the area, so I plan on doing both the CPR and the ACLS during October/early November so that when my scores are in they won’t hold up my rotations. I don’t expect to get the score until early November, so. . . .

At least my internal med doctor is letting me continue as a student with him one day a week. That gives me continued focus and a chance to keep and improve my exam/diagnostic skills.

Anyway, thanks again to all!

Linda -

I know you took both the COMLEX and USMLE this time. Since you are a DO student, do you still have to wait on the COMLEX scores if you pass the USMLE? How long does it usually take for COMLEX to come back?

I think we took the USMLE the same day, and I am hoping that mine come back by October 10th at the latest (hopefully on the 3rd). The 10th would be 4 Wednesdays after taking the test - since they are currently “off-season”, so to say, I’ve heard that scores are only taking about 3 weeks.

Amy, I took the USMLE on the 17th, so I guess I’ll hear sometime before that date in October.

COMLEX scores are slow!!! They usually take 4-6 weeks, but that’s okay. And yes, I have to pass the COMLEX. The USMLE is strictly optional and has no effect on my future at WVSOM or as an osteopathic physician, other than possibly opening some residency programs that require it.

Good luck while you are waiting!

Good luck Linda! and congrats for taking these two difficult exams!

I’m rooting for you, Linda! You’ve worked SO hard for this!



I have indeed worked hard, but that’s okay. Like they say, anything worth having is worth working hard for!

I appreciate all the OPM family who have been there for me throughout this entire process. Without you guys, it would have been even more difficult.


So the USMLE is in. . . . and it’s okay! Not what I wanted it to be, but that’s all right.

Now if that darned old COMLEX would just get here. . . . but I know better than to expect it before the beginning of November!

Oh well. Hurry up and wait, right?!

Linda, I am SO HAPPY for you! I know you still need to wait for COMLEX but certainly this is a good prognosticator and I am thrilled. Enjoy this news!


Yay! One, down, one to go. I have very high hope that the USMLE is a good indicator for your upcoming COMLEX score.

Waiting sucks!

Thanks guys! I am so looking forward to FINALLY getting the COMLEX score I need.

So while I wait I am busily working out the 30 internal med cases I need to complete by the end of my internal med rotation. I figured, what the heck? I might as well work on them now while I have extra time on my hands. And. . .it keeps me looking forward. I had one case that was absolutely frustrating me to death, so I took it with me last Wednesday when I was working with my internal med doctor. Between him, a resident, and all the notes I had made on the case, I finally got the answer I was seeking. And the funny thing is, it wasn’t that difficult. It was just easy to look past the simple answer. Live and learn!

Anyway, I’ll let everyone know as soon as my COMLEX comes in. Thanks again to everyone for all the positive thoughts that have been sent my way!


Congrats, Linda. I know you will receive positive news from the COMLEX as well!

excellent news!!!

Linda this is fabulous! Congratulations!

AWESOME!!! Sweeeeeet! I am very very proud of & for you!!! Not that I am inviting myself…I guess I am, sorta…I want to be there to watch when that hood is finally slipped over your well-deserving head!!!

Thanks Dave! Of course I want you there when I get that beloved hood, but don’t go making plans just yet. I’m still waiting on that COMLEX score. While I feel fairly confident, I don’t want to jump the gun! (However, I have already started studying for COMLEX 2 AND making plans for rotations ASAP after getting the score!).