It's Official: I'm addicted to OPM

I can’t help myself!!! Every free minute I have I use to check OPM! Which is ok when there’s a computer available…but last night a bolt of lightening hit close-by my house and the internet connection is now blown! Everything else is fine (cable/phone/electric), but not the internet line! My husband called the cable company and they can’t come out until SUNDAY! Guess I’ll be going into the office this weekend…the thought of no OPM gives me the shakes! It’s official: I’m addicted.


RIght there with you babe. I check OPM multiple times each day, on my laptop at work, and at my sister’s house (drives her nuts!)

ok, I’m back online. Glad I’m not alone in my addiction!
What distracted me from my addiction yesterday was attending the Kerry/Edwards campaign rally at NCSU. Kerry must have gotten some coaching from Edwards on his speaking style …
Anway, I’m back online and will try not to be paranoid about the OPM little info box that shows I log on every two minutes or so!

You can call it obsessive compulsive but to put the best possible spin on it, you are just being thorough - and everybody wants a thorough doctor!


…the best possible spin on it, you are just being thorough - and everybody wants a thorough doctor!

I’ll use your version to explain my behavior!

Hey Anita,
I was there too! geez… talk about a crowd… and the sweltering heat…
I go in spurts in my OPM addiction… sometimes I go weeks without logging in … other times (like now) I’m checking in several times a day.
go figure.

I’m an OPM addict too. I work in an office…at least for the next 5 days so it’s easy to check OPM multiple times a day! I’m always happy to waste time at work. Lately though, I * * have actually been doing my work. Although I’m leaving, I want to keep things in the best possible shape for my boss for my future replacement. I admit to rarely checking OPM on weekends b/c I have a 56K dial-up modem at home and that takes too much effort.