It's official - registered for MCAT 2015

I just completed registration. Eek! I’m nervous and excited. I got the date and location I wanted, but when I went to log on, there was a 25-minute wait and 1,200 people ahead of me in line. I truly didn’t think those early dates would be so popular, everyone was rushing to take January’s test.

Good luck to everyone else out there registering today on getting your preferred date and time. It’s getting real!

I got June 20, in my hometown and had a 10 minute wait to get in!!

Good luck!!!

(checked a little later and May was sold out everywhere but Canada and Alaska)

I saw they were tweeting to angry people who couldn’t get the May dates – it doesn’t surprise me those dates were the most popular. I had to go with April because of a possible linkage, but at least I’m getting bribed with a $150 Amazon card. But I got in 20 min. from my house, so that’s good.

there was NO way I was sitting for April; $1000 maybe


(do you think if I did a youtube of biochem - drawing all 20 amino acids - in under 5 mins, with 3 letter, 1 letter, phobic/phillic, acid/base, neutral… pka would help people???)

It would help me!

Adoc2be…Did you make that on YouTube? It sounds like the trick I need too!