it's over

Phew! My semester is over. I managed to get a C in PreCalculus II, but man was it rough. I just checked my grade online (b/c the prof. said he would have them posted by midnight on Weds). I noticed we didn’t do evaluations, which peeves me a little, but maybe since he’s head of the dept. he was “above” evaluations. (I always thought all teachers had to do them but maybe not).
Well, he knows what I think; I could never put in an evaluation what I REALLY think of him. grin. I have hated every second of the class, but I’ll be punishing myself again soon by taking the same class at UNCG just to cover my bases. Since I took at a CC, some medicals schools may not count it. I’m sure they’ll count my pathetic GPA and hope they don’t exclude me from their schools b/c I suck at math. I did my best–went to the office hours, did all the homework, studied at home by doing extra problems in the book (review sections), went to the math lab for help, but that class was just insane. I predict out of the 15 students there, there were AT MOST 3 A’s–probably the majority of them got B’s and C’s (or worse!) Homework, extra credit, and attendence saved me from a D or F since I couldn’t seem to pull it together on tests. The first two were awful, but the last two were better and I don’t know my final exam grade but it was higher than a 54! I estimate my actual score on the final to between a 65-75 but who knows. I honestly believe that if I had another teacher, I’d have at least a B or maybe even an A. This one just had way too many quirks but I tried like hell to conform to his system.
This class was a crushing blow to my ego. I suppose I better get used to this feeling of utter stupidity. Wait until I take the science classes! I hope I don’t fail miserably in the fall.
P.S. I’m ready for the fun to begin now. Shadowing our very own Dr. Natalie Belle in a few days and attending the OPM conference in June. I am so fried right now. I need a break.

Congratualtions on the class and making it through with a passing grade. You did your best and you should take some pride in that. If it was just this particular class/instructor, I wouldn’t worry about it too much…after all, lightning doesn’t strike twice. Maybe you should take a little break from math—and just focus on your sciences in the Fall. Hopefully, you can pull in A’s and B’s - regain your confidence and fully adapt to being back in school full-time mode, and then slay the math dragon in the Spring. Well, good luck and enjoy your well-deserved break!

You didn’t kill him, he didn’t kill you, you didn’t give up, and you learned a lot of calculus. You rock!
I usually sing “Ding, dong, the witch is dead!” at the top of my lungs after surviving a miserable experience. Celebrate your achievement, even if the old ogre didn’t give you the prize!
(Disclaimer: the dead witch, of course, is the exceptionally wicked, utterly fictional, Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, not any of a number of fine, lovely witches in the wiccan and neopagan communities across this fair country of ours. I know there’s a difference.)

Congratulations Stacy! Now I hope you have been taking some time to celebrate!

Its really amazing what a difference the teacher you have makes. I am waiting on my grade from organic chemistry. I did my best. The recitation teacher I had , as he introduced a difficult topic, would have this impish smile on his face as he would say “You guys are going are going to have a difficult time with this.” He made each of our quizes front and back top to bottom. I wish I had a pie to throw in his face. The lecture teacher was really quite nice. Congrats to you. I am glad it is over too.