Yep. Year 2 is complete. Just finished my final final exam! It was difficult, but very doable. Makes me realize just how much I have learned the last two years.
For the rest of today and this weekend, I will bask in the glory of having successfully completed my first two years of medical school. Wow!! It really feels good!
The next month I have scheduled hourly study for COMLEX. Pharm, micro, biochem, anatomy, and, of course, some review of osteopathic manipulative medicine and osteopathic principles and practice.
The boards are facing me on June 7 and 8, and most of all, I want to go into them feeling prepared.
It’s been a great two years, but I am SOOOOO ready to move into clinical rotations!

Congratulations Linda… that must be a wonderful feeling. It’s been very inspirational to (virtually) follow your journey. Best of luck on the COMLEX. I am confident that you will do well. Enjoy your weekend of celebration and relaxation!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! My worst day in clinical rotations was better than my best day stuck in the classroom! Now the fun begins!

Congratulations, Linda. You will be well-prepared for COMLEX and will do well, I am sure. And then you’ll be ready for the BEST time of your life. I looooved third year or at least in hindsight I did (okay, there are a few days I wish I had back…) I am excited for you!

Hey Linda,
Now starts the time that you actually came to medical school for. You will be putting all of that basic knowledge to work seeing patients. You are going to be surprised at how nicely things will come together for you if you go on your instincts and listen to what the patient has to say. I know that you are going to have lots of fun and enjoyment. Everyday on the wards is a wonderful learning experience. Good luck and congratulations on getting through the first two years!

Congrats!! I agree with everyone else about the wards being far more enjoyable and rewarding than the classroom. I feel I have learned an immense amount this year (possibly more than the first two years combined) but do not feel the pain that came from sitting in the lecture hall each day

Congratulations!! I can only imagine how incredible the feeling has to be. Good luck in June!

Congratulations Linda!!!

Hey Linda, I remember talking when you were an MSI - congrats

Congratulations Linda! I remember talking to you at the OPM conference in DC just before you started med school. It’s hard to believe your first two years are finished already. Time moves!

Congrats on your first two years!! Wow, time has really flown since we first met at the Dallas conference. Now you’re finishing your MSII year while I’m in the thick of MSI!! Have a great time in your clinical rotations. Your patients will be getting a very good physician.