I've been a stay at home mom for 13 years, never had a professional career. How ruinous is this for my app?

Started SAHM-ing in 2006, soon after college (BS in biology, 2004). No paid work since. How terrible is this situation for my application? Will they take anyone who has been out of the workforce for that long seriously?

If it matters:
High stats, almost 500 hours clinical volunteering, about 200 hours non-clinical volunteering for NPO, and a metric crapton of volunteering for family- and faith-centric activities. Employed nearly continuously from ages 16-24, most notably with a project that had to do with science education for 5+ years in college and lower-level retail management for over a year concurrently with that. Took 16 science credits within the last 2 years at a community college.

You should explain why You did not work - family? children? etc. otherwise you have a lot of volunteering and if You have good grades this should be enough.
I took all my premed classes in community college and got 3 interview invites out of 5 that I sent. I know it is not advisable but it is doable , I am a proof :wink:
apply broadly and I recommend DO schools , they look at You differently , not as a accumulation of numbers but more as a person .

good luck !

I’ve been a SAHM for almost 20 years now and I’ve spoken with more than one admissions director who has said this shouldn’t deter me. Go for it!