I've never introduced myself...

Hello all,
I have been here to opm several times, but i have never introduced myself properly. My name is Michelle, i’m from wv, and i will be attending WVSOM this august. Anyone else out there going to WVSOM? Make yourselves known!

Hi Michelle, as far as I can see, I will not be attending school in WV, but just wanted to say congratulations and officially introduce myself. So you are set to go to medical school already? So you’re in - one of the trickiest parts of this whole dream. Right now, I’m just dreaming of getting in. Please share a little more about yourself and your story. I always find inspirational to hear about other successes. Thanks.

Sure thing…er, what would you like to know?

We all have different backgrounds here and different situations - so I guess I’m just curious to hear everyone’s story. For example, traditoinal or non-traditional med school student? how old are you? Did you have a former career or focus of study? When did you decide on medicine? Why? What steps have you taken to get here? Post-bacc? Second bachelors degree? Or just return to school to finish/start your first bachelors degree? What kind of school? Large or small? Informal or formal? How did it turn out? I know those are a million questions and you reallly don’t need to asnwer all of them or even one if you don’t want to. Don’t mean to pry. Just a blip about your story! Thanks.

Our very own Linda Wilson is at WVSOM right now. This link is to her OldPreMeds Diary. I’ve met Linda, and she’s a warm and wonderful person. Be sure to tell her hello!

OK, here goes…I’m 34, married w/ 2 boys, ages 14 and 11. I became a college freshman at the age of 30, and just graduated in December with a BS in Bio and Chem, GPA 3.81. I am currently a Title XIX MR/DD Respite Care Provider, which is just a fancy way of saying that I provide in-home care for a mentally retarded individual, and I plan to work until the end of July.
I knew when I started college that I wanted to do something in the medical field, but I had no idea what. I first heard of osteopathic medicine from a paramedic friend, then
did a little research and much soul-searching, and after discussing it with my family, decided to go for it.
Actually, I had planned to wait for the next cycle, but at the last minute–Friday, February 13, to be exact!!–I applied to one school, and was accepted! Do you KNOW how glad I am that I didn’t wait as planned?! I am so excited, and I can hardly wait till August 9!
Did I leave anything out?

Thanks, Michelle. Great story. Your family, especially your boys, must be terribly proud. Quite an accomplishment for Mommy. Anyhow, how wonderful your one-shot, last-minute application success. You can avoid the headache of mass applications and the stress since it sounds like you applied on a whim. Well, I would certainly indicates that some things are just meant to be…and that little idea that kept saying just to apply was on to something. Well, I hope we can hear about your immersion in medical school and you can lead the way for those of us, like me, who are only beginning the pre-med route. Good luck and congratulations again!

Congrats and welcome to OPM!

If I made it sound as if I applied on a whim, then I am sorry I misled you. I have been planning to apply for the last 2 yrs, worked my tail off actually, going to school FT and working FT while raising 2 kids and being the wonderful wife that I am. I had planned all along to apply for 2005, but as I was able to finish up early due to my hard work and dedication, I went ahead and applied for 2004, knowing that I would be ready, but honestly, I expected to use this cycle as experience and to get my name known at the school to which I planned to apply. It was wonderful to have been accepted the first time around, and I am so excited and extremely glad that I went ahead and did it now. I’m ready, I’m ready…

Great story. Welcome to OPM
Congrats on getting into medical school.
Amy B

Well, I knew you didn’t apply on a whim - after all, you had to put in hard work to those prereqs and the MCAT. But since you were actually planning to apply in the 2005 cycle, it’s a wonderful and pleasant surprise that the first round was success and more than a learning experience.

Hi Michelle,
Congrats to you! I really enjoy hearing such inspiring stories such as yours. Welcome to OPM, and I wish you the best in school.