Jack's Back!!!!

Howdy y'all!
OK, so there I was, browsing Amazon.com for some Underground Clinical Vignette books and there it was…
The announcement that Tom Clancy's new book, Red Rabbit, will be released on August 5. It is another in the Jack Ryan series, this time just after Patriot Games.
If the synopsis on Amazon is to be believed, this time Jack has to save the Pope from being assasinated by the USSR.
Needless to say, I bought a copy. Amazon has a pre-shipment 50% going on right now. Go the the OPM front page, click on the Amazon.com box and you can do to great things at once; have the book shipped to you when it releases and make a little $$ for OPM.
Take care,
Jeff <- eagerly awaiting the books arrival so I can stare at it while studying cardiology.

Thanks for the info on the Clancy book. My husband LOVES those books and has been wondering when another would be coming out. His birthday is also in a couple of weeks. Looks like he'll be getting the new book!!! He'll be thrilled. Thanks.

great - I too love Tom Clancy, especially the Jack Ryan series -