January 2007 MCAT for 2007 Application

For anyone considering retaking the MCAT and hoping to use it for this year’s application, here is recent commentary from AMCAS:

We have now posted to our AMCAS site a list of those Medical Schools that have indicated their current position in regards to consideration of January 2007 MCAT scores for the 2007 entering class. While this list is not yet comprehensive, we believe it may be helpful to applicants and advisors interested in whether or not January 2007 MCAT scores will be considered by medical schools for the 2007 entering class.

This list appears at




Interestingly, 2 of the schools that have said no to AMCAS personally told me yes they would consider them. So I think this is possibly one of the cases where it’s usually going to be on a case by case basis, largely depending on the relationship you already have with a school.