January 2015 Test Date

Hi all,

I am new to this forum but I am 27 and applying for the second time! I first applied right after undergrad but did not have a solid application or MCAT score. I worked for a couple of years and decided to come back to school so I am currently doing my Master’s of Science in biomedical engineering. while in the program I decided I have to really try one last time and I am really encouraged to do it right this time!

I feel will do better in the old MCAT so I signed up for a January test date. I have stated studying this past month but I am finding it really hard to stick to a consistent schedule. Would anybody have any suggestions for a 3-4 month study schedule part time (I do research full time)?

Also if there are any other fellow January test takers I would love a study / accountability partner to help keep me encouraged.



Hi Maria, I just signed up for 01/13/2015. Good luck to you! There is a 3 to 4 month plan on that other pre-med site. PM me and I can share the link. I would also like to know where you’re getting your Masters from? Good luck!