I’m interested in getting accepted to a JD/MD program. What are acceptance strategies that work? Also, a huge hurdle for me right now is residency (that is, establishing residency to get in-state rates of tuition). When I get accepted, even one year of out-of-state tuition will shut me down, in terms of financials–but as an older student, I just don’t have time to be “kicking around” this state or that state for 12 months. I don’t think my schedule will permit such luxuries. Younger people can get away with it, yes, but I’m not there. How do I deal with the residency “bullet”? I don’t mind contributing to the same state afterwards, by practicing in an underserved area, in that state–but I don’t want to end up paying +30,000/yr extra just because I want to finish the program in a timely way, without taking valuable time to establish residency. A dual-degree program is a 5-6 year commitment.

Different schools do the combined degrees differently. I just interviewed at Ohio State - their JD/MD, you start medical school first, and then apply to the JD program during either your first or second year (I can’t remember which right now, and I don’t have the info with me). I think you might also be able to do a JD/MD at UCinci.
In terms of residency for tuition purposes - Ohio is one of the easier states to get in-state residency. I think all or almost all of the medical schools in Ohio will grant you resident status after your first year. Another announcement at Ohio State - they recently have moved to lower out-of-state tuition by $10,000 for MD students after doing a survey of students who were accepted to OSU and decided not to attend. For out-of-state students, the tuition was the main reason they went elsewhere. The other consideration to the ease of getting Ohio residency is that nearly all of Ohio’s schools give heavy preference to in-state students, making it difficult to get into them.
Hope this info helps.