JD wanting to go MD

I am in my final term of my JD.

I have done my share of volunteering and internships as well as talking to lawyers, profs, llm students(the post jd degree), and I am getting the feeling I may not be in the best career for me.

I am fully planning to graduate, and thinking about still sitting the bar in July. People who sit it right after lawschool have a MUCH higher pass rate (just in case I ever need it at some point). But the idea of sitting behind a desk, or even in court is a really depressing right now.

My undergrad is in business, so I know I would have a lot of prereqs to still do. I am thinking about maybe wraping those up part time at nights while working at a public legal clinic or something where I’m not investing myself into starting my own firm and not expected to put in the 100 hour work week that firms often expect.

Anyone else here been down a simular path. (even in non-JD) with a non-medical undergrad?

Any advice?

My path is similar. I just wrapped up a doctorate degree in a health field, but not a medical degree. I have been working in my chosen profession for over a year. I have about another year left on my contract, then I can decide which way to go from there (What part of Texas to move to). I felt the exact way you do now the 2 years before I started my program in 2005 and again in 2010 a year before I completed my doctorate program. I would say found out if you have any post bac programs near, or even where the nearest 4 yr university is that offers the classes that you need.I have started to research my particular plan even though it a little less than a year away.

If you look at inspiring stories on aamc website. Their is doctor who actually practiced law for six years,then decided to attend med school(She had previously considered it but Law won out then she changed her mind and decided to do medical school).She has now in her residency I believe.Use her example as motivation!!

Thanks Cree, great posts.

What is your doctorate in?

My doctorate is in the field of Audiology (a clinical based doctorate). However my true inspiration is to be a surgeon. The time is going by fast a my contract is almost up and im planning on moving so I can get in state residence then take my pre recs so I can apply to school and pursue my initial dream of being a surgeon.

Cool. If surgeon was your initial goal, why the detour into AudD?

At the time it was the easier option. I didnt even consider med school again until about 5 years later. Now what happened personally and socially in my environment between those years is what motivated me to decide. So that is currently where I stand.Almost 2 yrs removed from my Aud degree, 2 yrs adjunct professor at a four year university, Special olympics volunteer for almost two years, and patiently waiting to transition to pre-med-med school-successful surgeon.

I know this post is a few months old but I wanted to add my two cents. I am a practicing attorney that is thinking of making the same switch. I haven’t taken any of the prereqs yet (as undergrad I was a music major) but I can tell you that it will be nice to have a job while I jump back in.

Starting your own practice is not very fun or super-lucrative but I can tell you that it is VERY flexible. It may be too late to register for the Bar exam, but I would encourage you to do it. You would be studying hard for a few months and it would cost a few thousand but considering the time and money you are thinking of investing in the switch, I believe it would make a big difference down the road being able to bring in a few thousand a month working part-time while going back to school.

Best of luck!