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I’m Jeff Casto. I’m a founding member of OPM, although I left at one point when I thought I couldn’t submit my family to the grind of medical school. I came back about a year later because I realized that if I were miserable because I couldn’t pursue my dream, my family would suffer just as much. I’m currently 44 years old, married with three kids, two living at home, and I have one more semester of prereqs left. I plan to take the MCAT in April '02. I will be applying this spring to a 1-yr. MS program at UNTHSC. The program is designed to improve a student’s chances at getting into med school. It takes a small number of students (10-12) each year. TCOM sets aside a few (3-4) seats in the next medical school class for those in the program who maintain a 3.5 or better and pass an interview. Wish me luck.

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