Job Shadowing Questions?

Do Medical Schools require job shadowing?

Do they ask if you did job shadow?

If yes to above…

Who would you ask to job shadow?

More importantly how do you ask so that a doctor would want to say yes?

How much should you do?

My OB/GYN that delivered my twins is suppose to be calling me about sending the picture I took of her and my twins to her cousin (Johnny Depp, I guess you know my answer). She told my SIL to tell me to be expecting a call. That was Friday and today is Thursday. She has an extremely busy practice in Seattle. I was thinking about talking to her about job shadowing. However, if it isn’t necessary, I won’t ask. I hate being told no. I mean who likes to be told no? I would like to put it out there in a way that makes her want to say YES.

Thanks for any advice.

I can’t answer the first two questions because I’m not sure if any med school requires shadowing.

I do think that it’s beneficial to shadow the docs who work in specialities that peak your interest. For one thing, you’ll be able to see first hand if you like that particular specialty or work environment after being exposed to it. It would be terrible to aspire to become a fireman and then realize on day one of the job that you were terrified of fire. It would also make for good conversation during your interviews come application time to med school.

In regards to how to ask a doc. I’d say that pure honesty is the way to go. Maybe Dave, Mary, or Richard can elaborate on this since I’m sure they’ve been asked by med students, pre-meds, etc. You won’t be viewed any more a distraction than a pharm sales rep right?

In regards to how much you should do. Do whatever you feel is comfortable with your schedule and shadow as many specialties as you are interested in. I plan on spending a few days of my spring break to shadow my family practice physician and hopefully a gastro doc.

I asked. My doctor is going to talk to risk management and see what they have to say. She said they typically want credentials in there, but, she is going to see what can be done. It wasn’t a yes and it wasn’t a no. Probably hasn’t been asked before is my guess. I love my OB/GYN. She is using my twins picture (with her in it) to send to her famous cousin as a “look at what I do”. LOL. Just barely above doctor-patient.

I miss seeing her weekly. She would always make me laugh. When I was getting my amniocentesis she pulled out the needle and said, “Don’t mind me and my harpoon”. Which I guess meant I was the whale. LOL. Okay, sorry, went off there on how much I love my OB.

If someone wanted to shadow my doc they would have to go through the office manager. I would recommend anyone who wants shadowing experience to contact the office manager and they will speak to the physician.


I’m interested in Emergency Medicine, but I am not currently a med student. Would it be possible shadow an ER doc just to experience what it would be like to be an ER doc and to help me make up my mind on plunging into med school.