Johns Hopkins Post-Bacc?

I’m curious to know if anyone on this forum is familiar with/enrolled in the more “prestigious/expensive” formal post-bacc programs from non-trad career changers like Johns Hopkins or Byrn Mawr’s programs. Are they worth it compared to extension courses or DIY programs?

The tuition is quite hefty as I already have student debt from a bachelor’s and master’s, so I’m wondering if such rigorous programs will save more time despite being more expensive (on top of medical school, if I get in). I also have no background in the science/math so the post-bacc pre-med journey seems a bit daunting.

I doubled majored in music therapy and psychology in my undergrad and am finishing up my Master’s in England. I have clinical experience as a therapist, but I’m wondering if my inexperience in the ‘hard science’ courses disqualifies me from successfully pursing this path in medicine. I’m an extremely hard worker and have high non-science GPA’s.

Would appreciate any insight or advice on this!